19 Of The Most Ridiculous Things People Have Seen While Driving

It’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll all encounter really bad drivers countless times throughout our lives.

There’s nowhere you can drive without becoming the unfortunate victim of a person who insists on leaving only an inch between your car’s bumper and theirs. However, bad judgment when it comes to operating a vehicle goes way beyond failing to maintain a safe following distance.

These people understand what I’m saying, because they got to witness stupidity at its finest when they saw what other drivers decided was a good idea to do on the road.

1. That’s not strapped down at all.

2. Somebody saw this guy watching “The Office” while he was driving.

3. This is a girl in a cage with a dog in a truck bed. A news report covering this situation said that she asked to be with the dog, but why not just bring it inside the truck then?

4. Who needs tires to drive?

5. Maybe his radio wasn’t working?

6. Because being able to see the road that you’re driving on isn’t important at all.

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7. He may get into a fatal, completely avoidable accident, but at least he’s living the dream.

8. The person driving this car was texting when she hit a sign. She just kept going with a flat tire while dragging the sign along.

9. That’s one way to take your dog for a walk.

10. Obviously, the perfect moment to FaceTime with your friends is when you’re driving.

11. That must be a really good book.

12. It’s never smart to change your tire in the middle of a highway.

YouTube / Rauan Zhunussov

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13. I wish I could say they’re using a spare, but both of the front tires are like that.

14. “No one ever drowned in their own sweat.”

15. I don’t even want to know how bad that car smells.

16. It’s pretty ironic that your love for Jesus might end up killing someone.

17. How would you even get inside?

18. “Who needs a fully built car? Not me!”

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19. I’m baffled by how all that stuff managed to stay in place for that long.

I don’t think I’ve ever shaken my head so much in my life. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while driving? Let us know in the comments below!






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